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Home between homes

Home between homes

Control of open space

This home between homes is the result of the needs of a young man with worries for life with family and friends, enjoying an open space focused on the views, his concern for order is translated into a modulation of clean lines, sharp edges and neutral tones.

The distribution integrates in the same space all the daytime needs, reserving the closed space for the night area. A storage system gives meaning to each of the environments, acting as a filter of this sectorization.

The design of the exterior openings manages to enhance the views of the park, closing to the public road. The design of the gratings and the railings, allows to control the sunlight, the cross ventilation of the house and the views towards the outside.

The strategic placement of the storage modules allows a clear reading of the space and offers privacy in its transversal sense avoiding direct visuals towards the night area.

The materials are the result to work from white to black, going through a gray scale that harmonizes as a whole and enhances the natural wood of the pavement.

A home between homes, by contrast, by concept and by simplicity.


Home between homes

  • Ribarroja del Túria
  • Spain
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office