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Hotel Tokaj

Hotel Tokaj

During the conversion and expansion of the Hotel Tokaj in Hungary by NAPUR Architects, the original horseshoe-like construction of the building remained intact. On the eastern side, the building got completed with an additional unit, which lent the structure of the hotel a closed square shape. The resulting framed construction follows the ancient construction of a courtyard house type that fits into the traditional settlement structure.

The original building gained an additional one-story floor in the new, framed structure. The building is intended to be used as multiple accommodation units. It consists of a ground floor with consumption and service spaces, 1 barrier-free accommodation unit, 3 rooms, an 1 apartment, and with service spaces and 16 rooms upstairs. On the exterior, the main facade is made of brick stacked upon each other in strict order so the style of the building can seamlessly blend into the atmosphere of the street. The existing building has a traditional structure. It is characterized by large and small brick masonry structures, vaulted basement slabs, dense beamed slabs, and traditional carpentry decking. The cellar is filled with inorganic, compacted, granular soil. Instead of a dense beam, a new monolithic reinforced concrete slab was built. The new building wing in its geometry perfectly aligns with the existing building.

During the implementation, the original opening layout to the street front and the position of the gate remained intact. The roof of the building is a raised roof with an empty attic with traditional guttering. The front gate is the only point of access to the site. The guest and service traffic happens at the exact same entrance, each taking place at an isolated time.


Hotel Tokaj

  • Tokaj
  • Hungary
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Concrete

Type of Building

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