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House in Tigre

House in Tigre

Project Description

Many new developments that have emerged in recent years on the outskirts of Buenos Aires begin with the „civilizing“ act of creating buildable land. The second act is to create a road design, in this new layout, producing an opposite order in our urban tradition: a bucolic walk through an exhibition of objects intended sumptuousness, and exacerbated independence.

This project comes to investing the relationship object – landscape typical of gated, who understands the house like a shelter split from the outside, self and others, and the outside as observation deck of the object.

A prism, result of crossing the application of the restrictions imposed by the regulations and an approximate cubage program, is subjected to a sequence of operations that define the form, and provide contextual relationships proposed for landscape.

Neutrality and secrecy to the public space, the box appears unfazed. The construction of inner space as the result of manipulating the prism, to capture the Rio de La Plata´s views over the physical boundaries of the lot, and neighboring interference. Appropriation of strategic views and exposure to different orientations: qualifying the light.

The vertical plane is segmented among three horizontal parameters, when landscape withdrawing opportunity arises, resulting in segregation and functional complex interior routes. The horizontal planes are drilled in search of a vertical spatial integration, originated in the interior, emerges forming an artificial landscape, observation deck, contrasting with the „natural“.


House in Tigre

  • Tigre
  • Argentina
Completion: 2011
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Plastering
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office