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House J

House J

Project description

The `House J‘ is a 100m2 home situated in Yamaguchi-pref, Japan.
Around of the site is the area where it is crowded with residences.

The site area is 120m2 and a comparatively narrow site.
Designed for a client in need of privacy and separation from the outside.

House J has three floors in the surroundings of a courtyard.
The 1st floor is dining room, kitchen, family space.
The 2nd floor is study and reading space.
The 3rd floor is bedroom.
And it is connected to the space on a roof.
The courtyard not only becomes open the interior, but can feel a courtyard on the space on a roof.
The continuity of the internal space and external space will increase by using space of the courtyard and the roof space.
Although a courtyard becomes exclusive easily at a narrow site, the courtyard is not completed only inside a residence by giving continuity with a courtyard on the space on a roof.


House J

  • Yamaguchi
  • Japan
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office