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House on the Island Murter

House on the Island Murter

Project Description

House site found in a tipical mediterranean- dalmatian situation; from one side, a multi-apartment house made for the market, on the other pseudotraditional luxury poolside villa.

Long and narrow site determines the form of the house, and the client’s love for exotic plants offers inspiration on how to solve the neighbours‘ contact zone and create a private world, framed by two frames.

First and upper one frames the loggia, a space for daily activities, which comprises kitchen, dining and lounge, and overlooks the pool.

The lower frame outlines the view towards the longitudinal garden, a space of peacefulness and privacy.

Architecture frames the gardens and the pool, distancing itself from non-inspiring surrounding.

Choice of horticulture strongly defines this project, and achitecture does not try to compete. The form of the house is elementar.

Such approach is present in the choice of materials, floor and walls being in similar textures so they become one unit.


House on the Island Murter

  • Island Murter
  • Croatia
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office