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House R | Kuća R

House R | Kuća R

Project Description

Located on the countryside characterized by wetland areas, the land on the site required drainage procedure. However, due to the bad soil quality results, instead of soil replacement, the basement was designed as a supporting construction base for the building.

The building volume consists of two intertwined cubes connected through glass element that unifies them both vertically and horizontally. This visually decreases the size of the house and fits it in the rural context. Height difference, as well as the straight lines of the two cubes are gradually softened up by the spiral interior staircase that is wrapped around the fireplace and forms the central part of the house that subtly divides the living room from the dining and kitchen area. Dining room and kitchen, as well as the guest room are situated in the ground floor of the left, two story part of the house while the lower, one story side, with the elevated ceiling height accommodates spacious living room.

Open gallery on the second floor that serves as a common living room for the four bedrooms emphasizes the airy and spacious character of the house, but at the same time generates gentle transition between the private and common area. All of the bedrooms have access to the opened terraces that surround the entire floor and also cover the huge ground floor terraces.
White compact façade is warmed up by wooden panelling while the large sliding windows that extend to the floor achieve seamless relation between the interior and nature.


House R | Kuća R

  • Novi Travnik
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office