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House Robert-Jan and Inge

House Robert-Jan and Inge

Project Description

On a site almost a kilometre in length, Personal Architecture (PA) realised a newly-built home with a sweeping view of the surrounding meadows and the nearby church tower. It is a traditional dikehouse, at first glance, but on closer investigation it is a contemporary residence with a hint of mystery.

PA created a unique design that is both charming and bold. From the outside, the home resembles a traditional, two-storey house clad with bricks and slate. However, it is evident that the palette of materials has been applied in a contemporary manner, which gives the house a bold appearance. Details such as the four-metre-high windows on the north and south-facing walls and the subtle band of brickwork that protrudes from the façade reveal that this is no ordinary house.

In the interior, the duality of the residence is in evidence. The living space is spread over five different floor levels, which are spectacularly brought together by the ribbon-like staircase that weaves from one level to the next. The open kitchen at ground level forms the heart of the home. Large, storey-high sliding doors on either side make this room an extension of the garden. The flooring contributes to this concept: a ‘carpet’ of single-fired tile runs from the southern terrace through the house to the northern terrace.

From the open kitchen you can go down a half storey to the semi-basement, where the hobby space and music room are located, or go up past the landing to the living room. The living room is just a half floor higher than the kitchen, maintaining the interaction between the two spaces, whilst affording a view over the dike to the estates across the water from the comfort of the living room couch. From the living room you can see the elevated split-level floor where the study, master bedroom, children’s rooms and bathroom are located. At the top of the staircase, two bedrooms and another bathroom are nestled cosily under the gable roof.



House Robert-Jan and Inge

  • Zuid-Holland
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2015
Used materials
  • Brick

Type of Building

Architect Office