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Lindbergh Studio

Lindbergh Studio

This office building on Lindberghstrasse is located in Munichh’s newly-developed “Am Freimanner Hölzl” commercial zone. The intention was to design a building that would not only accommodate its future users’ functional requirements and their need for flexibility but also fit in with the heterogeneous urban fabric of the commercial area in which it was to be built.
What emerged was a clearly-delineated building cube whose entrance side – its “head” – faces Lindberghstrasse to the south, from where it appears virtually to float as it extends into the “landscape”.
A multilayered façade, with its brusque, industrial character, strikes a balance between separation and individual openness.

With the addition of a storey to the Lindbergh studio in the Freimanner Hölzel district, the concept of a studio enterprise will be redefined and interpreted through the spatial arrangement. At the same time, the restructuring of work areas is a response to the continued development of working methods since the building was completed in 2002. The design department work areas are located on the new floor, so that the specific requirements of creative work receive special consideration there. The exhibition of selected works of art represents an additional spatial component.

Light-flooded and open work areas have been created that promote interpersonal exchange and communication. By contrast, work cubicles enable concentrated, intensive work sessions. A restructuring of work areas also took place on the existing first floor in the course of the building activities.

By design, the concrete structure of the existing building was not pursued, but expanded with a steel structure.


Lindbergh Studio

  • Lindberghstrasse 19 80939
  • Munich
  • Germany
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office