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M6 House

M6 House

Project Description

M6-House is at a residential area in Kumamoto city, one of Japan’s biggest cities. Generally, the areas in Japanese cities are smaller than in Europe and America. Therefore, the concept of this house is the sense of liberation with the securement of privacy by the harmony with interior space and balcony.

First, living and dining where all families are, is designed as an atrium with two big windows to get a lot of sunlight. The interior walls are white and produce a lot of reflection light. In other words, the client’s family can feel the sense of the liberation.
Also, when parents are cooking, they can see and check the children. The terrace balcony is south side. Also, this space is surrounded by 2.5m wall and children enjoy playing in safety and owner can party outside with familyand friends. The staircase has a role of a book rack. The rooms at 2nd floor are only bedrooms of parents and children. The child’s room can be separated in two rooms due to the plan of the growth of children.


M6 House

  • Kumamoto City
  • Japan
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office