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Manuel Anabalón Saez School Building

Manuel Anabalón Saez School Building

Project Description

The building is placed in southern Panguipulli. It pretends to strengthen a nice place for the kids, respectful with human and city scale. An architecture that either being contemporary reminds shapes and groupings typical of the southern Chilean architecture, it is sustainable, able of being in contact with its surroundings, and that due to the buildings that are around the terrain are generated the necessary spaces for the teaching.

The terrain is divided into two different zones:

The original area of Ernesto Pinto´s School, placed in the lower zone of the terrain, this zone has a big presence towards the city.

The other area is placed in the upper zone of the terrain, this zone gives to the building a great position to watch the landscape.

The building keeps the original access area improving its urban presence, this area contains: the access hall, administrative area and library. In this area is also the pre kinder volume, close to the parental access.

In the upper zone are placed are placed all the typical programs of a school, there take place pupil´s activities from 1° to 8° basic degree. This area counts with parking for massive events, gym, canteen, classrooms, ateliers, and laboratories.

The expression of southern architecture are basically barns, houses and southern country houses, whom are constantly present in the zone landscapes. They shape a simple and functional volume, protecting their inhabitants of weather inclement.  With a very defined scale, lineal and concentrated. These characteristics give the building a clear reference to be understood as a contemporary regional architecture example.

Volumes are oriented depending on the views of the landscapes, north and protecting itself from wind and rain. The inside space are solved too with solutions based in traditional architecture.  Galleries  as an expression of sustainable architecture,  they either generate intermediate spaces that face the sight of local landscapes, and also create indoor courtyard that pupils use as a warm and cozy area, furthermore this galleries act as an bioclimatic element open to the north with windows to caths light and heat in winter and natural ventilation in summer.

Some materials used are: Reinforced Concrete, glass and weavy aluminum steel zinc panel due to its great performance in rainy weather.


Manuel Anabalón Saez School Building

  • Panguipulli
  • Chile
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office