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Media Library / Toy Library

Media Library / Toy Library

Project Description

The Jean d’Ormesson media library is set within a dense urban area, at the heart of the city. The 1800m² lot is situated on the edge of the old town and the river that surrounds it. The media library is a delicate object, dramatised within a subtle mist emanating from the ground and transforming the forecourt into a large mirror, reminiscent of the surrounding water.

The usage is defined by two facilities: a games library and the mediatheque itself. The project’s interaction with its environment takes its location on the edge of the old town into account and acknowledges its cultural energy, as an outward expression of openness and modernity. The flowing layout of the volumes allows the games library and the mediatheque to be connected as parallel universes. This approach allows a coherent integration and homogenous landscaping of the surroundings. The upper floor forms a sheltered area, providing access to the interior. In the interior, visitors can move around in a flexible and fluid manner, with reception desks interspersed around the space to encourage dialogue about the cultural series offered by the media library team.

The building is a reflection of its environment. It is a direct reaction to energy flow of the site. The reflective façade acts as a blurred mirror of the direct surroundings and insulates and shades the interior, with openings and transparent elements affording wide and varied views.
Its reflections and direct connection to the city and to the various landscapes link the mediatheque to its surroundings.



Media Library / Toy Library

  • La Ferté Bernard
  • France
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office