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Multi-family house in Hollersbach

Multi-family house in Hollersbach

Project Description

Our task was to create a multi-family house divided into 5 separate flats for the owner of a Quarry in “Oberpinzgau/Austria” and his family members.
The property is located above a village on the south-side with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. Downwards the property is bordered by a residential district which is built in a characteristic alpine style. The design process consisted of trying to divide the objects in such a way that volume and form relate to the neighbouring building. The result is two polygonal cubes looming out of the surrounding landscape to mark out its unique shape.

While moving inside the houses you hardly notice the five generously sized apartments located in. Each unit claims its own panoramic view without being blocked by the second volume. Using the owners local quarried stone the front of the houses slightly alter colour due to changes of season or even weather.  All window frames have been crafted out of high quality oak wood.
The few materials used in the project are all untreated so they gain a very natural Patina over the years. Due to the usage of these local, maintenance-free materials it was possible to create an ecological sustainable building.


Multi-family house in Hollersbach

  • Hollersbach
  • Austria
Completion: 2011
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office