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Nautilus Studio

Nautilus Studio

Project Description

Most artists if pressed could produce their work in a bathroom, adapting to their means. Our client wanted a space that would „call“ her to create, while maintaining a connection to her family. Strategically placed block walls provide privacy, while the angle of the building on the site captures the best light. The proximity to the existing house and sight lines to play areas establish the family connection.

We wanted a material that implies weight, ages gracefully, and shows the hand of the artisan. AAC (aerated autoclave concrete) is similar to CMU in look and installation but with disparate performance properties. Our design works with color, texture, and pattern of the block to ground the building to the site and our artist to her studio.


Nautilus Studio

  • Redmond
  • United States
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastering
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office