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Puzzle Kindergarten

Puzzle Kindergarten

Project Description

The building is designed as one longitudinal form, which is broken up by rotating the first floor towards the north, transforming the roof into an outdoor playground for the upper-floor units.

The design idea was to form two shapes, comprising twelve kindergarten and nursery units orientated towards the south with playgrounds and greenery.

The children’s units are separated from the main corridors by glass walls, making the units private, but at the same time open to communication.

The units on the ground floor have skylights, which cut through the terrace roof with plants and sitting areas.

The interior is adapted to the age of the users, making use of vibrant colours to create an encouraging and bright ambience for everyday activities.

The façade is designed with a unified structure made of aluminium puzzle sheets in several neutral tones. The terrace is paved with the same puzzle elements made of a rubber compound.


Puzzle Kindergarten

  • Zagreb
  • Croatia
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office