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The project we designed is a teahouse that specially provides non-pesticide tea, it located in Hangzhou, China.

Hangzhou is one of the famous production areas of Long Jing tea. Those steep tea hills can be seen on the edge of the West Lake. In those tea hills, many pieces of terraces farming are scattered around the hills. Inspired by terrace fields, we though we can bring these great landscapes into this design program tea house.

The designed furniture for teahouse like display case which has local landscape feature. The materials we used includes the Cinderella color marble which is Italy made, combined with corrugated and misty glass pane to make separate cabinet, then group theirs with different height level into display cases.

The diameter of the round table is designed into 6.2m. And table’s surface was made up by overlaying pieces of artificial marble, which presents gradual fluctuation of terrace farmings. then injected water into the groove in surface of the table. With the different height level of the groove in the table, the color of water is different. The project located in the commercial and populated city, so we are trying to use this distance design in order to let people enjoin enough space.



  • WenyixiRoad969
  • Hangzhou
  • China
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Type of Building

Architect Office