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The Hotel Room for Ideas

The Hotel Room for Ideas

Project Description

Located in Lisbon city center and set in a historic neighborhood, the project ‚Paço do Duque‘ results from an intervention operated on a set built prior to 1500.

The Hotel advertising agency offices adaptation of one of the fractions intended for services has as its starting point a program with very specific premises, such as a low cost intervention and the need to be built in a short time, but also the space should be configured as a less formatted work environment, less conventional, an approach to the concept of an ‚home office‘.

Taking advantage of pre-existing structure, like the half arc around in stone masonry, which also functions as a filter to the two levels of work, the arc is ‚crossed‘ by the stairs to superior level, with the warmth of the wood element in contrast to the Arch in stone.

Formally the space is divided into three zones – the entrance of the room, multifunctional, which assumes simultaneously the function hall and distribution for the two levels, the mezzanine and ground floor, corresponding to two different work areas, associated with the concepts The Hotel and The Hostel, reflecting the functional structure of the company.

The separation between work areas is achieved by the use of vertical panels formed by wooden frames with tensioned microperforated textile fabrics, punctuating the space, and working as visual filters that protect the areas dedicated to work together in small teams.

The materials used for the walls and floor – stucco and concrete – a monochrome treatment which attaches to an aspect space stripped, offset by the use of an Iroko timber clading in some walls and ceiling of the inlet chamber.

The use of traditional coating materials – plaster on walls, and hydraulic tile floor on the entrance, contribute to strengthen the character of the space.


The Hotel Room for Ideas

  • Lisbon
  • Portugal
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office