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Three Gardens House

Three Gardens House

Project Description

Three Gardens House is a project set around the notion of integrating garden spaces within a space. The building is meticulously designed to wrap around three gardens which act like vertical and horizontal voids within the house. Located at different levels, each garden is designed to be used in different seasons and has special features.

– The Summer Garden is located in the coldest layer, being the most intimate and familiar of the three gardens.
– The Pool Garden is the core of the house, the garden that connects all spaces.
– The Winter Garden lies on the roof, being a pleasant terrace with a great sea view.

Another important aspect to understand is the internal circulation of the dwelling, strongly linked to the concept of „family“ assumed by the clients. Opposite to the closed volume towards the outside -emphasized by the uniform stone cladding- is the total transparency of the spaces facing the interior courtyard -covered in white ceramic tile-, which reflect the light and help to illuminate the rooms in a natural way.


Three Gardens House

  • Al Funaitees
  • Kuwait
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Ceramic

Type of Building

Architect Office