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UFO – Haus Gasteiger

UFO – Haus Gasteiger

In 1972/73 Josef Lackner architect built a shelter for the Gasteiger family.

Over the years it was no longer used for unfavorable circumstances, so it become dilapidated. In 2017, Barbara Gasteiger and her husband Mathias Staufacher decided to renovate the building.

Fortunately, Josef Lackner’s old projects are still preserved. With two pictures of the 1972 construction site and the desire to keep the original substance as much as possible, a concept of rehabilitation is developed. Another object made in Austria, the Steindl shelter in Weerberg (1963-64), helps to think of individual components (for example, the terrace) based on Lackner’s concepts. The project provides better usability, optimized living comfort and energy saving.

I think Lackner was a pioneer and far ahead of his time dealing with the landscape, the land, the people’s habits.


UFO – Haus Gasteiger

  • Pfalzenstrasse, 27 Bruneck
  • Breitenberg
  • Italy
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office