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Projects of Entasis

Entasis is architectural office based in Zenica, BiH, and have been operating since 1997. The main activity of the company is architectural design with interior design and interior furnishing. The line of architectural design is based on the designing of public and residential buildings, as well as the interior design projects. The motto of the company is defining and monitoring the project as a whole ‐ from the conceptual design to the finalization of the building.  Every project needs to be a story started  with project requirements of the Investors and told with creative designs. Entasis tries  to design interiors for all their architectural designs as well.

Entasis is a boutique  architectural office, operating  mostly in the region.  Founder and leading architect , Mrs. Vedina Babahmetović together with growing  team of  young architects and technicians, have been awarded with several architectural prizes over the years.
Exterior and interior are two essentially tied phases, and it is always good for both  Client and architect to be involved from the foundations until the furnishing and the very end. That way, every building is a completed story, a whole, and Entasis  wants to make sure their story is told  properly and satisfying for the Investors. The company constantly grows and increases the architectural design staff, while for structural design and installation phases, there are  contracts with specialized companies. Gradually,  the line of furniture was developed  and  was completely defined with the opening of the Showroom for commercial furniture and interior equipment. Other than designing,  Entasis also distribute the furniture from the finest Bosnian manufacturers.