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Project Description

The CristalBubble range is a new approach to temporary accommodation for leisure and eco-tourism. It is based on the following basis: minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort, and maximum interaction with the environment…
This frame structure without the walls and roof is made possible by a special turbine that continuously blows the air to maintain the shape of the structure, refresh air and remove moisture problems. Inside, a high quality air, free of dust or mosquitoes, and a very special acoustic
The CristalBubble range enables you to transform your natural spaces into real living places: winter garden, wellness lounge and of course temporary accommodation for unique nights.


Hotel Description

This night is our night: your eyes reflect endless horizons. The whole Milky Way is orbiting around us. Millions and millions of stars are shining their light just on you. This must be paradise. We are in heaven!

Those who make this dream a reality, simply by spending a night under the stars, soon realise that even Europe’s southernmost climes get uncomfortably chilly by dawn. You need a cocoon, but indoors simply isn’t the same as outdoors …

… Or is it? Pierre Stéphane Dumas concept is based on this image of paradise of sleeping under the stars. The French designer manu-factures small, transparent and inflatable bubbles. For years he has been producing whole series of crystal balls the size of garages. In the meantime, the first plagiarisms have turned up from Asia.

Of the dozens of country lodgings that are customers of BubbleTree, Dumas’s company, Attrap‘ Reves is the largest. They are located in three sites between Marseille and St. Tropez.

The main site is in Allauch, while La Bouilladisse and Puget Ville are also nestled cosily into the landscape.

It is not just its spectacular coastal panorama that makes Provence an ideal location for this type of accommodation. In the plastic bubbles you live in close touch with nature, enjoying

the fragrances that waft around the hills. However, the constant flow of fresh air in the bubbles prevents the atmosphere from becoming too stuffy.

Even the acoustics are not of this world. While exterior noise deflects off the bubble, the sound reverberates gently in the interior for quite a while. If you close your eyes and just listen, it really feels like you are drifting in outer space!



  • Chemin de la Ribassière
  • Allauch
  • France
Completion: 2006
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office