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Bamboo Stalactite

Bamboo Stalactite

Bamboo Stalactite is a free space, a community space, shared equally by everyone.

It’s open and free to all. Because of this community sense, free space has to be a space that is easy to realize. This is characterized by simplicity in structure and low production costs.

Here in this space, we use bamboo as the only material.

Bamboo, with its distinctive flexibility structurally speaking, allows us to realize this project with limited resources (8 Vietnamese workers, with the support of Vietnamese and Italian architects and students to build the pavilion within 25 days). This flexibility extends beyond structures. Bamboo helps to create a space, rich in its connection with the beauty of nature, with the sun, the wind and the sea. For that reason, this bamboo space easily becomes the city’s landmark despite its small size.

The pavilion comprises 11 modules, each one is shaped by the combination of 2 hyperbolic shell structures. Structural beams for the pavilion had already been prepared in Vietnam.

As a community space, this structure can be duplicated in Venice, but also in other urban and rural areas. It can be transported easily and can therefore be a space in a museum, a pavilion for a school or just a space free and open to all in some countryside.

Its potential is limitless. And this limitless undiscriminating potential is what we want to offer at this space.


Bamboo Stalactite

  • Venice
  • Italy
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office