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Conference hotel ‘de Botanica’

Conference hotel ‘de Botanica’

‘’The atmosphere of the authentic Estate ‘Huize Bergen’ together with the experience of its nature seen by their guests give shape to a new sustainable conference hotel; De Botanica.”

The authentic Estate Huize Bergen is renewed by adding a modern and sustainable manor. Through a phased master plan a trinity will be created between the old villa, the new Botanica and the surrounding English landscape gardens. The materialization of its architecture and interior is derived from the green surroundings and the rich history of the Estate. Besides all materials are sustainable and natural, such as untreated wood and C2C-certifided products. ‘De Botanica’ is the first hotel in the Netherlands realised according to the sustainable passive-house principle.

The first phase is compromised out of 39 hotel rooms divided in three layers. The façade is made from natural and untreated materials which age attractively. Iroko wooden window frames create a beautiful rhythm in the façade made from untreated larch timber cladding and ending with distinct zinc bay windows. The colours and materials of the interior originate from the ‘program of experience’ and are inspired from the history of the estate. Oak wood frequently applied in combinative with a characteristic colour and pattern pallet which results into a natural and warm yet luxurious atmosphere.


Conference hotel ‘de Botanica’

  • Estate Huize Bergen
  • Vught
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2017
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Facade cladding

Type of Building

Architect Office