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BOULEvard ball

BOULEvard ball

Project Description

ON/OFF BOULEvard Tensegrity Ball Bounces Through Brussels

In September 2014, ON/OFF introduced the BOULEvard ball on the streets of Brussels during the Kanal Playground Festival (September 17-21).

The design of the BOULEvard ball was based on the principles of Buckminster Fuller, which used tensegrity – an ecological precept based on scientific theories of compression – to create a large 4m tall structure, balanced between tension and integrity and tough enough to roll through the city.

The ball was assembled on site and, through a series of workshops with locals, it embarked on its urban expedition around the canal area of Brussels.  Festival Kanal Playground wanted to create playgrounds in unexpected places. The BOULEvard ball engaged local children and grandparents alike as they navigated the urban landscape and transformed otherwise familiar spaces. The mobile playground rolled past neighbours’ windows, inciting confusion, curiosity and ultimately enthusiastic participation.


BOULEvard ball

  • Brussels
  • Belgium
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office