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Future Store – July lifestyle Academy

Future Store – July lifestyle Academy

The site of this project is within a three-floor building, facing a commercial plaza. From the outside, the façade is like a face, expressing its attitude towards the surroundings. From the inside, the inner space becomes a self-sufficient system. The space on the first floor is like an immersive theatre. The terrazzo floor and thick walls render a steady and massive integrity, giving you a desire to look up. The slightly uplifted arches are like domes covering and defining the stage. On the second floor, they spread towards different directions, grow and interlace. Space is cut into pieces, but those pieces overlap and make that space endless.

“In the future, a store is a museum.”

Mur Mur Lab have been focusing on this topic for some time. In this project, it’s more like a collage of many magical dreams: atmosphere created within the space, noise from the nearby airport, daily reality, fairy tales and the dark. It’s a future store displaying dreams.


Future Store – July lifestyle Academy

  • Shanghai
  • China
Completion: 2018
Used materials
  • Metal

Type of Building

Architect Office