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Harpf Beverage Store

Harpf Beverage Store

Project Description

The new beverage market is located along the busy north ring in the industrial area of Brunico. The new building is designed as a beverage wholesale shop and is located directly adjacent to the existing headquarters and warehouse of the company Harpf.

The new beverage market is designed as a wood construction for several reasons: the new beverage market was built on some existing underground storage, so the lightweight applied had to be appropriated.
Furthermore, the underlying wholesale should remain fully operational during the construction period, so a design with a light and fast construction had to be chosen. From an architectural point of view, it was important to have a welcoming and appropriate place  and to provide an architectural “Identity card” for the Harpf company.

It stands out in the collection of anonymous buildings along the north ring and invites you to stop by. From the main road through the generous parking lot, the buyer comfortably reaches the inviting entrance. He can then easily move through the designed market, watching the large and well-stocked selection of drinks. There is a generous glass roof, which allows natural daylight into the center of the store to the central cashier.
The basic idea of the store itself was to create a marketplace with free-standing market stalls. The individual beverage departments, as well as the rear bearing form the different objects with their own shelters. The amount of these stalls was chosen so that the customer can appreciate the views of the surrounding mountain scenery while the road and the opposite building are hidden.

The empty warehouse has an internal connection to the new beverage market. A large double doors to the car park ensures daily removal of the empties with a forklift.


Harpf Beverage Store

  • Bruneck
  • Italy
Completion: 2014
Used materials
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office