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Hotel Juvet

Hotel Juvet

Project Description

Juvet, in the northwest of Norway, is regarded as an exceptional alternative to conventional design hotels. The hotel is spectacularly embedded into the Valldal nature. Valldal is an elongated valley between Fjorden in the south and the famous Trollstigen serpentine mountain road in Norway. As part of this valley, consisting of alpine mountains and steep green hills, the Juvet hotel buildings reflect the nature. The hotel site comprises a residential house, the barn and seven freestanding hotel rooms. The intention of the chief architect Jan Olav Jensen was to convey a direct experience of nature. The architecture is designed to mediate between the built-up space and the surroundings, through the individual buildings and the design. Each “hotel cabin” was designed individually and adapted to its location in the landscape.

Some buildings afford a panoramic view into the valley, others have views towards the forest and cliffs. The rooms stand on a light steel structure and can easily be dismantled at short notice. The image of being nature’s guest was thereby translated into the architecture.

The interiors of the approximately 30m² cabins are clad with wood and furniture is kept to a minimum. The bright yellow bath provides a splash of colour, otherwise little detracts from the surrounding nature.

In the rooms one can hear the rushing of the Valldola River ten metres below the building. This natural spectacle can be experienced even more intensely by opening the large glazed sliding doors. The hotel concept is “in harmony with nature”.


Juvet Hotel


Hotel Juvet

  • Alstad
  • 6210 Valldal
  • Norway
Completion: 2008
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

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