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Villa Stamerbos

Villa Stamerbos

Project Description

Work on progress
Villa Stamerbos; the architectonisation of the new morality
Private and public. Two apparently contradictory domains that in these times of working from home, social media and ‘outdoor becomes indoor’-architecture, increasingly intermingle. Is there still a boundary? And if so, where is it?
Villa Stamerbos is a building that is investigating this question. In an understated way, it explores the boundary between Living and Working, Inside and Outside, Private and Public.

From the outside villa Stamerbos seems to disappear into its surroundings. The grey facade has the colour of the Dutch sky and is interrupted only by a small window on the first floor and a recessed entrance on the ground floor. This gives the building the appearance of a fortress; monolithic and uninviting.
The interior however, is characterised by openness. Both the patio as two sides of the ground floor are fully glazed and most of the rooms flow into each other. The use of materials in the interior is reserved. The walnut veneered permanent interior parts complement the power floated concrete floors. The concrete columns have the rough grain of raw wood and are at odds with the charming, metal rods that let you control the lighting. The warm, concrete-coloured curtains reflect sunlight so that the house remains cool in summer and patinated taps give the main bathroom a natural look.
Because most walls consist of doors behind which is storage space, the interior has no loose closets. This adds to the serene atmosphere of the whole.

Private and public … Villa Stamerbos rejects the old idea that private and public are two separate domains. In fact, it lets them both merge into one another in every way possible. Elegantly it connects Working with Living, Inside with Outside and Private with Public. It is a reflection of our Facebook society, our changing perception of what is Private and the trend that we are increasingly willing to Share. Villa Stamerbos shows that the seemingly clashing characters of Private and Public can have a harmonious marriage, in which transparency and flexibility brings out the best of both;

It is the architectonisation of the new morality.


Villa Stamerbos

  • Almere
  • Netherlands
Completion: 2013
Used materials
  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Stone

Type of Building

Architect Office