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Residential Building

Residential Building

Project Description

This project has been created in a context where the volume of the building is strictly defined from the outset by urban regulations, eliminating any considerations of the exterior form. For this reason, it was possible to concentrate all design energy on other aspects, in this case a specific study of the functional variables of the housing type.

The proposal is a building sheltered by two galleries, with an interior residential space independent of the presence of the structure. The technical spaces and wet rooms are concentrated around a „technical wall”, allowing cross ventilation, storage and flexible spaces. The galleries are conceived as an intermediate space between the inner housing and contact with the city. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. They provide a thermal insulation space for the building and at the same time an in-between space for different uses. The dwelling is designed around naturally regulated thermal conditions and the space in-between provides noise protection and diffuses light, shielding the interior from views in, to ensure an optimal living ambience. The use of galleries is very traditional in the north of Spain, where rain and clouds are common every day, and they reduce the use of heating in the winter. The summers are very humid, so easy cross ventilation is a necessity.

The interior patio features some trees that help to shield views and noise between different residences. The urban façade solution is a polycarbonate skin located at the front of the continuous terrace. On the first level, instead of polycarbonate, the façade is made of perforated steel sheets. This skin is opened by a sliding system, forging relationships between the residences and the outdoors. The second front of the gallery is lined with ceramic tiles of various colours. The system allows an intermediate stage between the outside temperature and the interior working climate. The interior colour of the ceramic contrasts with the grey skies in the region.


Residential Building

  • Mieres
  • Spain
Completion: 2012
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office