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Casa Rampa

Casa Rampa

Project Description

This home is located on a privileged plot in Patagonia, Argentina, surrounded by forests and incredible views towards the Limay River.

The original position of the home, located towards the back of the plot, was the result of the decision to be close the riverside and optimise the views, with the garden towards the front, taking advantage of the best orientation. This 650m² home is divided into three usage levels, interconnected by a central space, still maintaining the privacy of each room. The social area is located on an elevated level in order to benefit from the best views of the landscape. It is accessed by an irregular ramp that forms a unique path towards the house entrance. The private areas are divided into two sectors, one for the visiting grown-up children and the other for the parents. Thus the loudest areas such as the garden, pool and quincho are together with the guest rooms, while the master suite is located on a third level to ensure privacy and comfort. The functional aspects and the unique way the levels are connected by a central green space give this home a special character. The custom-made cut stone access ramp, carefully designed with aromatic plants, invites us to embark on a path that indulges our senses, with views towards the spectacular landscape and the designer garden, taking us to the immense four-metre-high main door, made of local lapacho wood.

A warm and rustic palette of materials was used for the interiors, working with white lacquered woods, dyed walnut and sanded lapacho. The living room with lapacho floors is surrounded by an elevated reflection pool, reminding us of the river at the back.  The concrete stairs with their sculptural shape are combined with black iron sheets, accentuating the verticality of the central space featuring the triple-height waterfall, and generating the handrails along the space. The spa area features black granite floors and black slate for the swimming pool. It is visually connected to the exterior pool by submerged glass, a playful gesture that creates unique reflections on the stone wall and allows us to see people swimming outside. The quincho, located on the same level as theswimming pool, has two glass openings that open completely, merging the indoors and outdoors. With a rustic look, the sanded lapacho walls hide doors and storage spaces, in a dialogue with the black iron grill on the opposite side. This house amazes us at every turn with its originality, warmth and attention to detail, merging with the surroundings and doing justice to the true protagonist, the landscape.


Casa Rampa

  • Patagonia
  • Argentina
Completion: 2016
Used materials
  • Wood
  • Glass

Type of Building

Architect Office