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Salt & Sill

Salt & Sill

Project Description

Can you still remember Carl Fredricksen? His paradise was a waterfall on the other side of the world. He was thoroughly fed up with the metropolis that he actually lived in. In the end he drifted off into a sea of clouds with his little wooden house attached to thousands of balloons … at least this is how it was in Pixar’s 3-D animation “Up”. Salt & Sill converts this film adventure into reality!

The setting is the west coast of Sweden, more precisely the small island of Klädesholmen 70 kilometres north of Göteborg. The island has long since been so overrun with holiday homes that there’s hardly room for any more. Consequently, the Hermansson couple fled to the water with Salt & Sill in 2008. As an extension of their resort, the architectural office Mats & Arne designed Sweden’s first floating hotel.

Standing on a pontoon, there are six two-storey terraced houses, whose interior design is as modern as it is typically Scandinavian. All 23 rooms open out onto terraces, including on the roof, where there is also a pool for guests staying on the upper floor. Those down below have direct access to the Baltic Sea. The complex was built by the shipyard SF Marina, from where the hotel was shipped to Klädesholmen.

While the majority of residential boats rarely leave their mooring, Salt & Sill regularly takes to the sea, with its own auxiliary boat SS Silla. The approximately twelve by six metre longboat houses the sauna, the conference venue and the hotel’s bridal suite. Two diesel motors propel the catamaran up to 30 km/h. Its horsepower of up to 320 makes Salt & Sill the fastest spa the world has ever seen!


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Salt & Sill

  • Koholmen, Strandgatan
  • Klädesholmen
  • Sweden
Completion: 2008
Used materials
  • Metal
  • Wood

Type of Building

Architect Office