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Spa „Casa Velha Do Palheiro“

Spa „Casa Velha Do Palheiro“

Project Description

This area, part of the Casa Velha do Palheiro, develops in the area adjacent to the existing structure but independently. Behind (south) in the back of our new volume, the golf course invades the environment with its huge green. From south to north, there is a slope of about three feet. Inicialy, this place was covered with lush vegetation, protecting the pool area and away from the edge of the golf course. The intervention would had to be in respect with the fundamental characteristics of this place. It was important that the new volume was not excessive although the program for a high quality spa requires a considerable area, and that his connection with the golf course was smooth. It was necessary that the new building had a connection with the old structure, but the architecture should fit into a more subtle way on the ground.

The solution is to create an object that looks smaller from the outside, to integrate this module into the natural slope, almost as an extension of the golf course as its limit, but looks bigger in the interior.  the place where it rests on terraced stone paired similar to those used so repeatedly in agricultural landscapes of Madeira Island. The new body is slightly sunk into the ground, from which it emerges in unfragmented blocks in full and empty, in an attitude where the territory defines the intervention. The roof garden is the junction between the existing vegetation and the boundary of the golf course. The building blends in with this reality, communicating with the old structure by a glass tunnel that separates the old and the new. This character of communion with nature is also reflected in the interiors. There is a great formal clarity. The spaces follows a very rational division, always in communication with the outside, but with great control over how the space relates to its surroundings. It is important to enjoy the bucolic and relaxing environment of this place, but it is also necessary to safeguard the privacy of those who enjoy the spa. Therefore, there is great care in how they exploit the openings to the outside, or in some cases, we opted for the same closed inner courtyards. Intended to be a great homogeneity of architecture, providing a comfortable environment where nature may enter without inquest.


Spa „Casa Velha Do Palheiro“

  • Funchal (Madeira Island)
  • Portugal
Completion: 2009
Used materials
  • Stone

Type of Building

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